Advantages of Data Center Consolidation For Your Business

If you’re dealing with multiple data centers and a lot of servers, then you might have noticed a high cost in maintaining all the data centers. First, the costs of buying and maintaining hardware, software, and servers will eventually overwhelm you. Therefore, you need to look at the benefits you’ll enjoy by integrating your data needs. It goes beyond reducing the expenses as you’ll also realize increased productivity. Below is a look at the advantages of data center consolidation by providers like CentricsIT and how it’ll impact your business.

Cost Reduction

If you sum up all the costs of a data center, you’ll realize the costs are way too high. But by consolidating your data center needs, you can significantly reduce these costs. Data center consolidation has led to the elimination of less efficient and redundant software operations and this helps keep maintenance expenses at a minimum. If you consolidate your data center, it means that you’ll only manage a small application infrastructure and network. All these results in having fewer servers for your business needs, which cuts down the operational and data center migration costs. In addition to saving on servers and hardware costs, data center consolidation also lowers power costs.

Increased Security

The security of your data center should be a priority and you should, by all means, achieve it. Centralizing your data center infrastructure improves your network’s security a great deal. By integrating your data center needs, you mitigate risk by getting rid of outdated network systems and equipment. On top of this, you can easily monitor the fewer servers as your data endpoints and access points are accessed by fewer people. Keep in mind that consolidating your data center means you’re eliminating outdated security measures and equipment. As a result, your overall data network can easily follow security protocols and compliances

Improved Control

Through data center consolidation, you have easier control over your data infrastructure. Monitoring data flow becomes easier as you have fewer servers to manage. Furthermore, your IT team can easily manage the flow of data once you consolidate your data center. This way, you can easily adopt advanced data and application practices. Ensuring a more consolidated environment also results in uniformity in data infrastructure and applications. Consequently, your business can easily design specific solutions for its data storage needs.

Enhanced Agility

Consolidating your data center brings with it enhanced system capabilities and functionalities. This means you can count on the increased adaptability and speed. Unlike outdated and multiple data infrastructures, having an integrated environment leads to faster decisions and swift implementation of new network solutions. Also, you’ll enjoy a business environment characterized by fast decision-making.

Better Disaster Discovery

If your business has no backup plans for downtime, then it may be time to consider implementing one. The ability to effectively manage network outages puts your company at an advantage. However, this is challenging if you have multiple data centers. You need to ensure your data center is consolidated such that you can operate them from a central location. This way, restoring your servers during downtimes becomes quite easy. Furthermore, data center consolidation ensures your IT resources are centralized.

Consolidating your data center comes with many benefits. Some of which include reduced costs with less hardware, software, and servers to maintain. What’s more, your business will enjoy improved productivity and a better way to respond to system issues like downtime or outages.