How to Conduct Online Compliance Training

Compliance is crucial in the corporate world, and it’s understandable why! Any compliance breaches can result in hefty fines, penalties, poor reputation, along accidents and injuries. Today, we can conduct online compliance training thanks to platforms True Office Learning, for convenience and safety amid the pandemic.

But how can online compliance training be engaging and successful when done behind a screen? Here are a few helpful tips to consider.

  1. Tailor it to the audience

The requirements for compliance training are different between administrative staff and high-level executives. Fortunately, companies like True Office Learning allow their clients to tailor their training programs to specific segments or audiences.

For instance, a business required training on issues behind race and gender. Executives may need to focus more on parental leave policies while the administrative staff is fine with training against sexual harassment.

Why is this important? Because the two different audiences have varying access to the company’s information and would have different skillsets and work challenges.

  1. Make It accessible across devices

Companies need to make sure that everyone can access their online compliance training program and that employees have the freedom to use the method most suitable to their needs. For instance, an HR team may need interviewing simulations while marketing departments will benefit more from your company policy situations.

This means that your training may be done through different devices, such as laptops, phones, tablets, and the like.

  1. Put things into context

Understandably, reading compliance documents is a bit boring, as it contains technical terms and many legal things that might make no sense to your employees. Yes, such terms are important in keeping everyone compliant, but it’s best to simplify them during training.

Be sure that your program translates the compliance issues into understandable situations employees may face on a daily basis.

  1. Use stories and relatable characters

Besides using real-life scenarios, you can further help your trainees by stretching their imagination with storytelling and characters. Storytelling is memorable and helps get your point across. You can even include photos and audio narrations, creating emotional connections that employees will truly learn from.

Make sure you use believable characters, may it be a role model or the average joe. You can also base it off an antagonist you know people will hate, which prevents people from following the same characteristics.

  1. Include engaging videos

Besides photos and audio, you can also use video content, which proves to be the most effective in training. Don’t make your videos too long, 2-3 minutes is good enough, as long as it’s both informative and entertaining.

Don’t let your videos be overdramatic or something that sounds patronizing. Share fun video content that had a lot of thought put into it, with skilled actors, a good script, and proper video editing.

Speaking of fun, we recommend also injecting just a bit of humor to break the ice.

Wrapping It Up

Use any of these online compliance training techniques for better success with your employees. Good luck!