How to evolve from managers to a leader

In business, you are always told that you must look forward to “the next best thing”. This expression expands to include your own personal managerial skills. Management in Egypt can make you so far, but to get the best you need to change your management into leadership. If you have proven yourself by building a successful management in Egypt, we congratulate you; And we are here to introduce you to the next best thing. Here are five properties that you need to get from successful management to higher levels of success: “Leadership”:

1. From management in Egypt to Leadership: Having a vision:

We need to stipulate that the next best level of management is leadership. In other words leadership is management elevated to the next level. Your business is proof that you are a visionary person. To improve your management performance, you must be able to transmit your vision to your team members. Your management already has advantages because the Egyptians are looking for vision, and they rarely get clear. Therefore management you need to provide a vibrant and lively vision for your team members than you are on the right track.

2. Management in Egypt to Leadership: Having passion:

Naturally Egypt is emotional and sentimental. A passionate manager has a greater opportunity to get better results than his employees than competing. It shows that if your management has a desire for its vision, it is necessary to send this passion to your team members. Success to do so make your management to the next level of success, “Leadership”.

3. From management in Egypt to Leadership: Excel in decision making:

Management that has a well-defined process in decision making is the most likely successful. Make sure your management has a reliable and committed decision-making system for it. To have a leading management that is successful in Egypt, you need to use the Q-CAT method in your decision-making process. So be Q-Quick, C-commited, A-Analytical, and T-Seeds (Q-Cat) to become a great decision maker. If you succeed in becoming a great decision maker, then surely you will excel in the Egyptian market.

4. Management from Egypt to Leadership: Be a team builder:

A leading manager is one that builds a team. To have leading and successful management in Egypt, you need to build a team; You must be patient because Egyptian employees are usually not well oriented towards teamwork. Leading management that success will delegate responsibility to employees and allow them to learn to run it. This will require a special type of management that does not believe in inhaling the employee’s neck or in micro management. At the same time the management team must make sure to be there to answer questions and overcome difficult problems; While giving your crew freedom to work through their own decisions.

5. From management in Egypt to Leadership: Having charisma:

One characteristic of leaders who cannot be taught in the book is to “have character”. To find out whether your management team members have this trait, you must stay on the strength and limitations of each member and find their management style. Measure your team’s response to problems, which will give you a good indicator.