Kevin Modany Shares Insights Into Life as an Entrepreneur; How to Best Stay Ahead of the Competition!

Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners and an experienced entrepreneur with years of work in the field. Modany was brought on in 2016 to assist the company in a leadership role, providing strategic consulting to companies as needed while focusing on due diligence, process enhancement, and performance optimization.

A charismatic leader and an effective idea builder, Kevin Modany has a wealth of thoughts and insights that could assist others looking to build their careers similarly. To help others on their journey, Kevin Modany sat down to discuss what has helped and slowed him down during his career.

Taking an Idea to the Finish Line

Machinating ideas as an entrepreneur from concept to final can be challenging. In a world where innovation is constant, and competition is always nipping from behind, Kevin Modany understands why bringing an idea to life as efficiently and effectively as possible is essential.

Finding success in concept creation has required a few different approaches throughout the years, but Kevin Modany mainly relies on a collaborative effort. Modany will typically begin with an idea he believes in before diving into the details, pulling up supporting documents that give credence to his concept.

After putting together his research, Modany likes to pitch his concept to his team. Modany says, “I try to get people to understand why it makes sense, typically by pulling in data to support it.”

Modany admitted, “The main part of bringing an idea to life is getting buy-in from the people that need to execute it.”

Maintaining a Productive Day

Even though he has been in the industry for over a decade, Kevin Modany likes to keep things simple when starting his work day. Long before his competitors have gotten up, Kevin Modany starts his day by answering emails and finalizing correspondence in any areas where his attention is required.

After completing emails and other communication efforts, Kevin Modany likes to split up his day with some exercise. Modany is an active running expert who wants to spend time in the gym working with resistance training methods.

No matter what you do, Modany suggests staying active for at least part of the day. Modany said, “I recommend that everyone try running or regular exercise for the multitude of benefits.”

Modanyaddedd, “When I’m unfocused or overwhelmed, I go for a run. It’s meditative, helpful for focusing, and a great exercise.”