Managing Your Chronic Disease and Your Job

Per the Centers for Disease Control, a “chronic disease” is one that requires ongoing medical attention or limits the activities of daily living and lasts at least a year. Employers can assist employees with chronic diseases in a variety of ways, including encouraging employees to participate in healthful activities at work. The resource below goes over more ways employers can help their employees that have a chronic disease.

If you are part of the 60% of American adults to have at least one chronic disease, there are things you should know. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, companies are required to give reasonable accommodations when needed, whether that includes support from your company, scheduling flexibilities or additional instructions on assignments. You should learn as much as possible about your condition and how to manage it. Your work-health balance should be a priority to you and your employer. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, talk to a law firm that advocates for employees.

Managing Work with a Chronic Health Condition from Gordon Law Group, an employment law group