Only marketing database which is a marketing database

Full integrated marketing database is the basis of successful direct marketing. Today’s marketers have more data, than more channels, rather than previously making a database more than a must. All direct marketing channels (email, direct mail, telesales, cellular, etc.) create higher data volumes and add more complexity to each source – force each system to effectively manage their own data effectively in a way The more complicated. When every individual system, such as eCommerce, ESP, fulfillment, loyalty, web analysis, etc., grow in complexity, the need for marketing data integration in all data systems and sources grow at a greater level. The ability of each individual system to manage and integrate data from other systems is inherently less. By definition, each individual system functions for its own purposes, not to facilitate and optimize marketing.

As a result, the need for marketing databases is fully integrated, which can continually manage vital marketing data from different silos, greater than before. It serves as an important means to integrate all these data; And to keep this data in pure conditions, it is maintained in a continuous state that can be followed up. ESP, eCommerce, and fulfillment systems can taste their data integration capabilities. But many marketers, through painful experiences, knowing the mistake of the claim. ESP is not a marketing database. Ecommerce platform is not a marketing database. Web analysis platform is not a marketing database. Only marketing database which is a marketing database.

If the following does not characterize the database that you use for marketing, then you do not have a full integrated marketing database:

Data that can be trusted – your data is accurate and reliable, in pure conditions
Access data that is easily accessible through web-based, intuitive and built applications for marketers
Fresh data – Your data is always the latest and newest
Integrated data – all direct marketing data, both offline and offline, in cohesively integrated together
Customer data and prospects / acquisitions in one integrated integrated database
Your data can be followed up and always ready to use; This is not a project to unite all your data
Your direct marketing data management is routine, predictable, repeated, and automatic; Not ad hoc.
The marketing department can use and manage the data, without burdening your IT group
Your data is integrated at individual, household, address, email, and unique telephone numbers – and other levels needed to support marketing needs
Direct marketing multi-channel easy and integrated
The ability to run counts and list extracts in minutes
You can analyze your marketing data dynamically and on-the-fly
Data back, frequency, monetary (RFM) is at your fingertips
All emphasis data is properly managed on all channels and all touch points
Demographic models, lifestyle, and predictive are integrated into your marketing database
You can get meaningful marketing data from your existing raw data and acting on it
Custom reports for marketing management are at your fingertips
Because your needs are evolved, new sources such as social or web analysis can be integrated into the database
Custom business rules routinely applied to your data, can adapt to your business changes
Promotional history is tracked and can be easily applied; Data marketing “touch” can be used for analysis, implementing optimal contact strategies, and facilitates the right combination of multi-channel marketing
For data prospects, elements and history of marketing touch marketing can be utilized; Touch data has proven to be one of the most predictive elements of prospecting data