Python Programming & Its Importance In Machine Learning

Through the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, much of what was once considered impossible feats of technology can now be accomplished. Machine learning powers the way in which many applications and services work for the world’s population. Through its algorithms, this technology can improve and innovate what these applications are capable of offering. For example, the recommendations users receive on social media applications are primarily driven by these machine learning algorithms. Meaning if you’ve ever seen a post you loved, it was probably a result of machine learning. Another example of machine learning in practice can be seen through fraud detection and prevention services. These services help banks and financial providers determine actual user activity as a result of studying user behavior, which in turn can alert a user if a potentially fraudulent purchase is being made. Machine learning has made an incredible impact on the way in which people communicate with one another as well. In efforts to break down language barriers, adaptive translation services provide phone users with text-to-speech tools that can quickly translate messages. These capabilities, as well as others not mentioned here, are providing clear cut value to the world. To learn more about machine learning and the way these algorithms are powered, please read on to the infographic featured alongside this post.

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