Recognizing the Dangers Associated with Outdated Software Usage

The prevalence of outdated software is a common phenomenon. In certain instances, it stems from a preference for familiar tools that consistently deliver as expected. In other cases, it’s driven by cost considerations, as completely replacing outdated software can be financially burdensome, and significant updates may result in time and productivity losses as employees adapt to new features.

However, opting for aged technology introduces its own set of challenges. Take, for instance, the disruption caused by the cancellation of over 15,000 Southwest Airlines flights in December 2022. The culprit? Outdated scheduling software unable to cope with the surge in demand following a major winter storm. The consequences? Annoyed passengers and revenue losses.

This example highlights just one of the issues associated with relying on legacy tools. Here are some of the key risks associated with the use of outdated software.

Infographic created by Black Line IT, provider of IT maintenance