Workplace Investigation Timeline

Though many managers and human resource professionals are more focused on the advancement of their employees, they’re also well prepared to handle the transgressions and misconduct that occurs in the workplace. Even with a plan in place, preventing workplace transgressions and misconduct may feel incredibly challenging. Though this drama may be unavoidable, what organizations can control is the way in which they handle said drama. This is accomplished through workplace investigations. Investigations that are handled correctly will reveal the truth about any incident and can ensure that the parties involved are held responsible. Investigations must be conducted with proper protocols, meaning they must accurately identify the acts at hand, aid employees in any way they can and make conclusions from an objective standpoint. It’s much easier said than done, but the most skilled HR professionals will be prepared for the job. To learn more about what it takes to conduct the most sound workplace investigation process for your business, please read on to the infographic coupled alongside this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline provided by HR Acuity, an organization offering solutions dedicated to employee relations case management